Candle Care


  • Create a large melt pool – Soy wax is considered "memory wax" and will only burn enough around as the first time you lit your candle. So, make sure the first time you light your candle make sure there is a significant melting pool diameter. If you do not, your melt pool will never go past the diameter of the first burn and can cause your candle wick to "drown" and no longer light. To accomplish this, we recommend burning your candle for a minimum of one hour during its first lighting.



  • Maintain your wick – Your wick should be only 1/4" long every time you light your candle.
  • Keeping your candle wick trimmed to 1/4 of an inch at all times helps keep your flame the appropriate size for the longest possible burn time and ultimate safety.



  • Keep away from items that can catch fire.
  • Never burn in an unattended area.
  • Do not burn for more than four hours at a time.
  • Candle jar will get hot, be careful when touching.
  • Keep away from children and animals.
  • Don’t burn a candle all the way down. Extinguish the flame if it comes too close to the holder or container. For a margin of safety, discontinue burning a candle when 2 inches of wax remains or ½ inch if in a container.



One great thing about soy wax is how soft and easy to clean with soap and water it is. If you experience a spill of melted wax, simply clean with warm, soapy water.


For safety reasons you should never burn a candle all the way down to the bottom, it is recommended to retire a candle once it has only 1/2" of wax remaining. Once you are ready to re-purpose your candle vessel, follow these instructions to remove the remaining wax from the container:

Follow these easy steps once candle is completely cooled:

  1. Fill glass with approximately 1 inch of warm water


  1. Use a butter knife to carve an "X" into the remaining wax, then use your butter knife to follow the edge where the wax meets the glass


  1. Now that your wax is loosened up, use your butter knife to pry out remaining wax and pop wick tab out from the bottom - it is glued in place ( water should help keep it all together for easy disposal )


  1. Use hot soapy water to get any remaining residue cleaned up, and you're ready to re-purpose!


  1. Use your jar for whatever you'd like! We love using them to hold knick-knacks, cotton balls/swabs, nails & screws, pins, hair scrunchies, - or fill an inch or so with small rocks or gravel, add in some soil and create a new habitat for a small plant! So many ways to reuse them, make sure to show us how you do it!