Soleil Perfume Oil
Soleil Perfume Oil

Soleil Perfume Oil

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You can smell amazing, even when you're on the go! Our perfume oils are the perfect size so you can keep in your bag while you're out and about. Simply apply the rollerball to your pulse points -inside elbows, temples, neck, and wrists (wherever you want really).

Our perfume oils are made with sweet almond, and apricot kernel oils. Each perfume oil is handcrafted + blended with our premium (paraben- + phthalate-free) perfume oils into our recyclable 10ml glass bottle with rollerball + white cap. 

Soleil captures all the fun and relaxation of a beach vacation, enveloping it in the iconic, familiar scent of coconut and banana suntan lotion.

Soleil Notes:
Top:  Amaretto, Pineapple
Middle:  Banana, Coconut, Coconut milk
Base:  Vanilla, Tonka bean